Additional Results

Minor shot by air rifle. $105,000 recovery

Injury to leg while working on tractor for neighbor of family. Burns on leg became infected. Other attorneys declined case. $101,000 recovery

Minor hit in eye by fireworks. $100,000 recovery

Slip and fall on commercial property. $95,000 recovery

Railroad worker hurt on job. $95,000 recovery

Wreck resulting in soft tissue injury only. Low medicals. $90,000 recovery

Slip and fall in restaurant parking lot. $82,500 recovery

Road rage causes accident. Low medical bills. $80,000 recovery

Passenger on motorcycle injured in wreck. Low medicals. $75,000 recovery

Wreck caused minor injuries. Medicals of only $6000. $75,000 recovery

Person hurt in jail. Suit against county. $70,000 recovery

Street condition causes motorcycle wreck. $60,000 recovery

Company refuses to hire person because has one leg. $59,000 recovery

Pedestrian hit by car. $55,000 recovery

Medical malpractice at V.A. facility. $50,000 recovery

Wreck resulting in $3000 of medical bills. $45,000 recovery

Auto accident with soft tissue injuries with low medicals. Insurance carrier only offered to pay medicals. Refused to allow client to be taken advantage of. $40,000 recovery

Patient on stretcher dropped by ambulance attendants. Minor injury. $25,000 recovery

Wreck resulting in $1100 of medical bills. $23,000 recovery

We include some smaller cases as examples of our dedication to protecting the rights of our clients. The issue is not how much we can make but to insure our clients receive the maximum recovery possible for the injuries they suffer and to make sure they are not taken advantage of by insurance companies.