Many civil suits settle long before trial becomes necessary. We never start out assuming settlement will occur. We prepare and work every case like we are going to trial. Because of this, we have been successful in obtaining trial verdicts and settlements greatly benefitting our clients. A few examples of our results:

Insurance company refuses to pay claim. Sue for bad faith. Recovery in excess of $3 Million

Overloaded construction truck hits couple. Serious orthopedic injury. Recovery well over $1 Million

Motorcycle accident with a tractor resulting in death. $960,000 recovery

95 y.o. already in hospice care died as result of auto accident. $575,000 recovery

Insurance coverage dispute in death case. $552,000 recovery

Car hit by cement truck resulting in serious injury. $480,000 recovery

Wreck causes death of minor passenger. $325,000 recovery

Child burned in premises liability case. Insurance adjuster said we would never get more than $50,000. $300,000 recovery

Auto wreck caused by unlawful police pursuit. Suit against police. $250,000 recovery

Auto accident resulting in serious knee injury. $250,000 recovery

Minor involved in auto accident. Injuries to knee. $250,000 recovery

On the job back injury at rail yard while driving truck. $240,000 recovery

Auto accident resulting in neck and back injuries. $210,000 recovery

Wreck at railroad crossing. Suit against railroad. $150,000 recovery

On the job injury at cotton gin. $147,000 recovery

Dog bite to face of child. $136,000 recovery

Person hit by car while standing at gas pump. $105,000 recovery($5,000 more than insurance)

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