Distracted driving continues to pose a threat

| Jul 16, 2018 | Car Wrecks |

Throughout Mississippi and the rest of America, people on the roadways face a significant and growing threat from distracted driving. Despite laws prohibiting distracted driving in 47 states, it continues to be a serious phenomenon. In surveys, many people who denounce the practice as dangerous admit to driving while distracted. Despite recognition of the issue, drivers still feel compelled to play with mobile phones and other devices.

Each year, at least 3,500 lives are lost due to car accidents caused by distracted driving, and another 390,000 people are injured. Researchers note that as soon as a driver’s eyes are taken from the road for more than two seconds, the risk of a dangerous crash increases. While many people think first of mobile phone distractions, there can be a number of different diversions that can keep a driver’s attention and eyes away from the road. For example, auto “infotainment” systems are often distracting.

While many drivers expect these systems to be safe to use while the vehicle is in motion simply because they are part of the car’s technology, this is simply untrue. Infotainment systems can present the same types of distractions as other devices. In a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, researchers found that built-in systems can often be very distracting and that even the best posed some risk of distraction.

Despite widespread awareness of distracted driving, it continues to pose a serious threat. When people are injured due to vehicle collisions caused by distracted motorists, the consequences can be severe. The injured victim of a reckless driver could work with a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for all related damages.