Information you should obtain from your car accident

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You and other Mississippi drivers should know what steps to take if you end up in a car accident. The state is one of the most dangerous places to drive in the country, so you may end up coming across different negligent individuals who put others at risk on the road.

If one of these motorists crashes into you, one of the most important actions to take is recording any important details about the driver or accident itself. This information can help insurance companies and the police process the incident and can also serve as sufficient evidence should this evolve into a personal injury case.  

The other driver’s car and contact details

In an accident, the law requires both drivers to exchange contact and insurance information with each other so their respective insurance companies have an easier time working with them.

Use your phone to take a picture of the other driver’s insurance card as well as their driver’s license to get their full name and address. You need to also learn the other driver’s car model and record or take a picture of their license plate number for future reference. Be sure to get the other driver’s phone number or email address to contact them about the incident.

Take pictures of the accident

You can document the crash by taking photos showcasing different aspects of the accident. Photograph various angles of both cars to show the damage that was done to them. It can help the insurance company determine how much it will take to repair your car.

In addition, take pictures of the area where the accident occurred and take note of your surrounding environment. The other driver may have hit you because of a bright sun, dark corner or stormy weather so having visual aid of the scene of the accident can help officials determine who is at fault.

Save any records

If you take this to court, you may require some information about the police to get the best results. When the officers come to examine the accident, learn their names and what department they are from. Before the officer leaves, ask them if you can obtain a copy of the accident report they will file.

You should also keep physical copies of any medical expenses you receive from the accident. The insurance company needs to see these to make any necessary adjustments to the claim.

Negligent drivers are liable for any vehicle damage or personal injuries you receive from the accident. If you wish to pursue legal action against the other driver, gathering information about them and the scene of the accident is crucial for obtaining compensation for physical and financial recovery.

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