Anyone in Mississippi who makes a living driving a big rig, pickup, light van or other work vehicle will want to know about the results of a study by Verizon Connect, the fleet management systems provider. The study produced a ranking of the safest and the most dangerous states for work vehicle drivers.

Researchers came to their conclusions after analyzing the driver behavior of more than 6,200 of fleet customers between October 2015 and September 2017. These customers included small and mid-size businesses with anywhere from 2 to 200 work vehicles.

The safest states were all on the East Coast with the top five consisting of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New York. This is despite well-known traffic problems on Interstate 95. Vermont saw the least number of speeding cases. On the other hand, the most dangerous states were in the Midwest and the South: Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kentucky and Mississippi. South Dakota saw the most instances of “lead foot.”

Another fleet management systems provider, Teletrac Navman, shows that it’s not just truckers who create safety hazards on the road. Responses to the company’s month-long event expressed truckers’ concern for other drivers speeding, leaving too little stopping distance, creeping in blind spots, driving drowsy and engaging in other negligent behavior. Truckers also stated that they fear other truckers on occasion.

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