Roundabouts reduce accident injuries at rural intersections

| Aug 30, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Rural highways in Mississippi might appear quiet and easy to navigate, but drivers running traffic lights or stop signs at rural intersections often produce serious accidents. Roundabouts have emerged as a safety strategy deployed by agencies seeking to reduce deaths and severe injuries.

The Department of Transportation in a different state has measured good results after adopting the roundabout strategy as part of its Vision Zero initiative. These initiatives draw transportation and law enforcement stakeholders together to reduce accidents and injuries. Roundabouts physically force drivers to slow down as they enter the circle. Traffic lights or stop signs cannot do this because they are dependent on drivers following the rules. Although roundabouts do not actually lower the number of accidents, they produce lower-speed crashes that generally only cause minor injuries.

One roundabout project at a rural intersection associated with bad accidents cost $1.2 million to install, but engineers predicted that the change would lower accident and injury costs by $2.5 million annually. A single accident at this intersection prior to the roundabout intervention killed a pregnant woman and left her sister struggling with memory loss and injuries that left her unable to work.

A person harmed by the actions of a negligent driver might need to recover damages to offset lost income and high medical bills. Serious injuries after a wreck might impede a person’s ability to organize evidence and negotiate with an insurance company. The representation of an attorney may relieve a person of the burdens of preparing a personal injury claim. An attorney might also challenge attempts by an insurer to pay a low settlement. An accident investigation led by an attorney might produce sufficient evidence to justify compensation at a level that will reduce the victim’s financial hardship.  If you have been in an automobile accident,  contact the office of George B. Ready for legal assistance.