Study examines top distracted driving causes

| Aug 7, 2018 | Car Wrecks |

Some Mississippi drivers may be engaging in distracting behaviors behind the wheel without realizing how dangerous it can be. For example, conservative estimates are that drowsy driving is a factor in about 20 percent of the thousands of fatal accidents that happen each year.

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham examined distracted driver behavior and found that drivers who slept only four or five hours per night were more than five times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident than drivers who slept at least seven. Drowsy driving can cause decision-making and reaction time to slow down.  If you think you have been in an accident caused by a drowsy driver,  contact George B. Ready for our help.

Having children in the car can be distracting if parents are looking after their needs. Since it is not possible to keep children out of the car, parents need to take care of children’s needs before they start driving. This includes making sure the child has access to things such as water, food and entertainment. Texting and other cellphone use is another factor, and research indicates that suburban parents are more likely than rural parents to text and drive.

Emotions can also be a distraction. Road rage, including speeding, can lead to accidents. Other road rage behaviors include tailgating and forcing another car off the road.

If a driver’s deliberately aggressive act leads to an accident and serious injuries, there might be criminal charges filed. However, even if criminal charges are not appropriate, if the negligence of one driver results in an accident, that driver may be financially liable for medical expenses and other costs of people who are injured. These costs are supposed to be paid by the insurance company, but the compensation may be inadequate, and victims might want to file a lawsuit with the help of an attorney.