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September 2018 Archives

Mobile workforce face major distracted driving risks

Distracted driving can be a major threat to Mississippi roads, and the demands of a modern connected workplace may be a significant contributor to the danger. According to research conducted by Motus, the rise in smartphone ownership has been accompanied by a growth in accident rates. In 2013, 55 percent of mobile workers owned a smartphone; by 2017, that figure had grown to 77 percent. At the same time, car accidents increased from 5.7 million per year to 6.4 million, an upswing of 12.3 percent. While texting while driving and other dangerous behaviors are often linked to casual phone users, the study noted the particular demands on mobile workers who must stay connected.

Safety violations sideline thousands of trucks

Mississippi drivers might be justifiably concerned with the findings from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's 2018 blitz of commercial vehicle inspections across the United States and North America. According to numbers recently released, over 21 percent of commercial vehicles subjected to Level I inspections were taken out of service for major safety violations.

NTSA petitions for anti-lock brakes on all new U.S. motorcycles

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that all new motorcycles intended for road use in the U.S. be required to have anti-lock brakes. It voted unanimously to send this recommendation to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Motorcyclists in Mississippi will want to know the reasons given by the NTSB for this move.

Mississippi roads are the most dangerous in America

The roads in Mississippi are the most dangerous in the country, according to a recent study from the home security and safety company SafeWise. Researchers used data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to calculate the number of road deaths in each state per 100,000 residents, and Mississippi emerged in the unenviable first place with 23.1. Alabama, South Carolina, New Mexico and Wyoming are the next four most dangerous states. Meanwhile, the District of Columbia, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey are the safest, according to the study.


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