Mississippians who regularly have to drive on the bridge on I-55 over the Coldwater River are often stuck in traffic jams because of car accidents. Accidents happen frequently on the bridge because of its design.

According to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the issues with the bridge are that the barrier is concrete and doesn’t leave room for any driver error. There isn’t a grassy median or a shoulder on the bridge, so people are not able to get out of the way to avoid other drivers. A spokesperson for the highway patrol said that he slows down and looks carefully to see what is happening on bridges like the one on I-55 in order to avoid potential collisions.

The troopers recommend that people make certain there is plenty of room between their vehicles and cars that are surrounding them. They state that people should avoid distracting behaviors such as using their cellphones while driving  any time but especially when driving over any bridge.

Car accidents are largely preventable, and a majority are caused by negligent driving behavior. When people are injured because of the negligence of others, they might benefit from talking to experienced personal injury attorneys. The attorneys may help build cases against the defendants so that their clients are likelier to recover sufficient compensation to pay for their losses. An attorney may try to identify all of the defendants who should be named. For example, if an accident happens on the bridge because of the negligence of a driver and because of the poor road design, an attorney may name both the other driver and the state as defendants.  If you’ve been injured in an accident,  call the Law Office of George B. Ready for experienced representation.