The roads in Mississippi are the most dangerous in the country, according to a recent study from the home security and safety company SafeWise. Researchers used data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to calculate the number of road deaths in each state per 100,000 residents, and Mississippi emerged in the unenviable first place with 23.1. Alabama, South Carolina, New Mexico and Wyoming are the next four most dangerous states. Meanwhile, the District of Columbia, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey are the safest, according to the study.

SafeWise conducted the study to draw attention to the issue of distracted driving, and the data suggests that states can greatly reduce highway fatalities by passing and strictly enforcing laws banning the use of electronic devices by drivers. Texting while driving is prohibited in Mississippi, but drivers in the Magnolia State can use hand-held cellphones without fear of being pulled over and ticketed.

Passing legislation can only lead to fewer car wrecks if police enforce the new laws. However, this does not appear to be the case with distracted driving laws in Mississippi. The SafeWise study reveals that only about 5 tickets for texting while driving are written by Mississippi police officers each year, and those who are cited pay the lowest fines in the country. Law enforcement agencies in New York, which emerged as the third safest state to drive, write almost 12,000 distracted driving tickets each year, and police officers in tiny Delaware write more than 13,000.

Car accident lawsuits are generally filed against negligent drivers, but experienced personal injury attorneys may initiate this type of litigation against state or federal government bodies or law enforcement agencies in certain situations. Police departments could be sued when drivers who pose an imminent threat to other road users are given warnings and allowed to continue on their way. Furthermore, local authorities may, in some circumstances, face legal action when accidents are caused by unrepaired roads or missing signs.  If you are involved in a wreck,  call George B. Ready to fully pursue your rights and investigate all avenues of recovery.