Mississippi drivers might be justifiably concerned with the findings from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 2018 blitz of commercial vehicle inspections across the United States and North America. According to numbers recently released, over 21 percent of commercial vehicles subjected to Level I inspections were taken out of service for major safety violations.

The CVSA is a consortium of regulatory and law enforcement agencies across North America. During the first week of June, the CVSA completed its annual 72-hour International Roadcheck. During the initiative, officials completed over 67,000 roadside inspections in an effort to improve the safety of public roadways where commuters and vacationing families drive side by side with massive transport trucks hauling freight. More than one in five trucks failed inspection, and over 2,600 commercial drivers were removed from the roadways for various improprieties.

The most commonly cited reason for trucks failing inspection were braking system violations, which comprised over 28 percent of disqualifications. Unsafe tires and wheels were the reason for 19 percent of the disqualifications while improperly adjusted brakes accounted for 16 percent. In all, over 12,000 commercial vehicles were taken out of service by inspectors. The most frequently listed reason for driver disqualifications was hours of service violations, which was a stated focus of this year’s initiative. Other reasons drivers were taken off the roads included improper license classifications and discovery of false duty status reports.

Any time there is a commercial vehicle accident, it should be treated with gravity due to the dangers inherent with hauling freight next to passenger vehicles. If a company employs unsafe drivers or substandard equipment that injure other motorists, a qualified trucking accident attorney could document the violations and hold the proper parties accountable. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle,  call the Law Office of George B. Ready for assistance.