Fatal crashes are more likely when teens drive teens

| Oct 26, 2018 | Car Wrecks |

Many Mississippi motorists worry about the safety of teen drivers carrying other groups of teen passengers. These drivers have a reputation for being careless, reckless or distracted. Some teens say that they are judged unfairly and assumed to be irresponsible because of their age. However, there may be more to the concern about teen drivers than simple stereotyping. According to a study released for National Teen Driver Safety Week by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, when teen drivers carry other teens, the fatality rate for everyone involved rises sharply.

These kinds of teen car accidents are 51 percent more likely to lead to fatal passenger injuries. Interestingly, the most affected people can be drivers and passengers in other cars. Occupants of other vehicles have a 56 percent greater fatality risk when a crash involves multiple teens. The teen drivers themselves have a 45 percent higher risk of dying in such a crash. Having an adult in the car changes the equation. If at least one passenger is 35 or older, the fatality rate goes down by 8 percent.

In 2016, over a million motor vehicle accidents involved teen drivers. These crashes took more than 3,200 lives. AAA pointed out some other risk factors for teens, including nighttime driving or excessive speeding. In general, teen drivers have less experience in emergency situations and can benefit from greater supervision from more experienced drivers.

Drivers of any age can cause serious car wrecks. The victim of such a crash may want to file a claim for damages. If you believe you have been in an accident that another is responsible for,  call George B. Ready to protect your rights.