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November 2018 Archives

Drivers who sleep less than seven hours at high risk for crashes

Drowsy driving is to blame for an estimated 7 percent of all motor vehicle crashes throughout Mississippi and the rest of the U.S. It's also behind 16 percent of all fatal crashes. Though experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep each night, many Americans fail to get that much. The U.S. Department of Transportation and other agencies state that one in three adult drivers sleeps less than seven hours each night.

Sunlight can be a danger on the roads

When people in Mississippi get behind the wheel for their morning or evening commute, they may face a surprising danger: the rising or setting sun. People do not often think of the sun as a problem for drivers, but extremely bright sunlight can make it difficult to see. The excessive sun glare associated with those times of day can block drivers' visibility, leading to traffic snarls and even dangerous crashes. Serious car accidents are 16 percent more common in bright sunlight than in average weather. However, drivers can follow certain guidelines to help make driving in bright sunlight safer for themselves and others on the road.


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