Crash-reduction technology attracts interest of trucking industry

| Dec 7, 2018 | Truck Wrecks |

Drivers and other professionals working within the trucking industry in Mississippi have increasing access to trucks equipped with safety technology. Systems installed that monitor truck and driver performance and analyze the data have shown a promising ability to reduce crash rates for trucking companies. A representative from a trucking company that had deployed a video monitoring system reported a significant decrease in accidents or near accidents as well as a rise in safety scores.

Video monitoring collects images that managers can view later with drivers during coaching sessions. Drivers get to review what happened and gain insights about avoiding future problems.

The manufacturer of Mack trucks installs a monitoring system that inspects the truck. Real-time feedback to the trucking company allows a fleet manager to alert drivers to impending equipment malfunctions. A severe problem could produce a call to stop the truck immediately to prevent a possible accident.

Other safety innovations have been enhancing commercial trucks in recent years. Alarms that alert drivers to approaching objects and automatic emergency brakes support the goal of drivers to avoid collisions. Stability control and traction control on newer trucks give drivers a greater ability to maintain control of vehicles in tough conditions.

Trucking companies have an interest in promoting safety because truck wrecks could impose significant liabilities when people get hurt. A person injured in a truck accident might face permanent disability or a long recovery. The support of an attorney during a difficult time like that might help a person pursue a settlement. An attorney may opt to collect evidence from truck maintenance records, a police accident report or witness statements to back up an insurance claim. George Ready’s familiarity with insurance contracts and techniques used by insurers to limit payouts might improve the likelihood of the person collecting adequate compensation.  If you have been injured in an accident,  call George Ready for help.