It is important for both truck and passenger car drivers to protect their safety while on Mississippi roads. An accident that occurred on Interstate 75 in Florida was caused by a commercial truck driver colliding with a Honda. This was according to the Florida Highway Patrol, and there was no reason given as to why the driver left his lane. After colliding with the Honda, the commercial truck crashed through a median.

It then collided with a passenger van as well as another commercial vehicle. The 59-year-old driver of the truck that started the chain reaction of collisions died. The same was true of the of 49-year-old driver of the other commercial vehicle involved in the incident after his truck caught fire. There were 12 people in the van, and five of those passengers passed away. They were all children younger than 14.

Police say that they aren’t sure if any of the victims in the van were wearing seat belts when the accident happened. Authorities say that the collision resulted in the van flipping over, which caused some inside of it to be ejected. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the crash. The investigation into the fatal truck accident could take three to four months to complete according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

There are many possible reasons why commercial truck crashes may occur. For instance, a driver may be tired, impaired or driving a truck that hasn’t been properly serviced. Injured victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Compensation may pay for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings. An attorney may use physical evidence from the scene as well as video evidence to show that a truck driver’s negligence led to the crash taking place.  If you’ve been in an accident,  call George B. Ready for aggressive representation of your rights.