Volvo plans to use technology to curb drunk driving

| Apr 23, 2019 | Car Wrecks |

Driving while intoxicated can easily put Mississippi motorists at risk. This is one of the reasons why Volvo has announced plans to install cutting-edge safety tech in its vehicles. If driver intoxication is detected, the automaker’s proposed system could potentially limit the vehicle’s speed or park it in a safe spot. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly 11,000 drunk driving fatalities occurred in 2017 alone.

In order to help curb drunk driving accidents, the Volvo plans to connect in-vehicle cameras and sensors designed to detect both driver intoxication and distraction. The technology the company plans to use will display warnings if signs of impairment or distraction that could result in a serious accident are detected. But it will also take intervention steps to prevent the impaired or distracted driver from putting themselves or others at risk.

This is not the company’s first attempt at using technology to help improve the safety of its vehicles for drivers who may not be taking responsible actions. In early 2019, Volvo also announced plans to limit the speed limit in its vehicles to 112 miles per hour for the 2020 model year. The manufacturer plans to start installing the sensor and camera system in its vehicles sometime in the early 2020s. The technology used will look out for actions such as excessively slow reaction time and lane weaving.

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