Fatal car crash risk increases even when there’s light rain

| May 9, 2019 | Car Wrecks |

Motorists in Mississippi and other states are generally aware of the potential risk for car accidents when roads are covered with snow, ice and heavy rain. However, a new study suggests even light rain can increase the odds of being involved in a fatal crash for drivers. According to the results, rain, snow and ice increase the risk of deadly crashes by 34%.

The fatal car accident risk goes up by nearly 30% when there’s light rain, or a faint drizzle that’s noticeable enough for people to consider taking out umbrellas. For the study, researchers looked at more than 100,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents in the continental United States over a five-year period. They also considered how many cars were on the road to make their fatal risk calculations.

The study is unique in that very precise weather data was used. This allowed researchers to determine how hard rain or snow was falling when fatal accidents occurred. It was discovered that there was significant increase in fatal crashes even when rainfall was less than a tenth of an inch per hour. In moderate rain, there’s a 75% greater chance of fatal accidents than in nice weather, according to researchers. With heavy rain, driving is almost three times riskier. The study further determined that weather-related fatal crash risks were greater in the Northern Rockies and Upper Midwest. Such risks are lower in northeastern and southeastern parts of the country.

Even when weather is the main factor, a personal injury lawyer may be able to make a case for negligence causing a motor vehicle accident. For instance, a driver might be considered responsible if they failed to take reasonable precautions when driving in hazardous conditions. An attorney may also look for evidence suggesting other factors could have been involved in an accident, such as alcohol, drugs or device-related distractions.  If you’ve been in an accident,  contact the office of George B. Ready to protect your rights and recover for your injuries.