Rear-seat passengers could be at risk

| Jun 27, 2019 | Car Wrecks |

In many ways, drivers in Mississippi are more protected from car crashes now than at any time in the past. Built-in safety technologies have been dramatically improved. However, rear-seat passengers may face more risks, especially as most safety innovations are designed to protect the driver and front-seat passenger. There are a number of reasons for these developments, including the fact that the rear seat is inherently safer in some types of collisions.

However, experts have raised concerns that people riding in the back seat could face a greater risk of severe injury or even death. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that car manufacturers need to do more to enhance safety for backseat passengers. They also noted that more people are riding in the back seat than perhaps ever before, especially as ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft gain passengers nationwide. All of these passengers could be at risk of catastrophic damages if a car accident occurs.

Researchers at the institute analyzed data in 117 crashes in which rear-seat passengers were severely injured or killed. In all cases, the passengers were wearing their seat belts. The researchers found that chest and head injuries were particularly likely to be serious. They said that some of the most effective measures for safety, such as automatically locking seat belts and airbags, were usually found only in the front seats. While there are a number of design reasons for these developments, the result can be a more dangerous ride for people in the back seat.

In most cases, car crashes are preventable; they are caused by dangerous, distracted or negligent driving. Someone who suffers serious injuries or permanent disabilities after a collision should consult with George Ready to seek compensation for their damages.