What motorcyclists can do to avoid accidents

| Jun 27, 2019 | Motorcycle Wrecks |

Motorcycle accidents in Mississippi can be severe, even deadly. Motorcyclists, though they may own a top-quality motorcycle with great handling and powerful brakes, can get into accidents through their own carelessness, so they will want to consider the following safety tips. Some of these are linked to concrete scenarios.

For example, a car turns left in front of a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists must be able to scan the road for warning signs. There may be a gap in traffic near an intersection, through which someone might cut in front of the motorcyclist. Even a driver waiting at a light to make a turn can be a threat. Motorcyclists should observe the vehicle’s tires to determine what movement the driver will make and take note of what is behind them and beside them.

Best of all, they should avoid riding in drivers’ blind spots altogether. To avoid being hit from behind, motorcyclists should use vehicles as their crumple zone. They also need to master the front brake. Jamming on it will lock it.

Motorcyclists should follow the “Slow In, Fast Out” rule when turning blind corners. That way, they can avoid wiping out on gravel or other obstructions. Some corners may tighten unexpectedly, so motorcyclists should seek visual clues like telephone poles before going over a blind crest.

When motorcycle wrecks are caused not through the motorcyclist’s fault but through that of a driver, then there may be the possibility of a claim. Those who wish to file one may want to hire a lawyer because it is often hard to obtain proof of negligence and negotiate a settlement on one’s own. The other side might refuse to settle, in which case litigation may become necessary. With George B. Ready as your lawyer, you will be reimbursed for your injuries.