Protecting yourself from distracted drivers

| Nov 19, 2019 | Firm News |

You already know that driving while texting, using your smartphone or otherwise taking your attention from the road is extremely dangerous. However, how can you prevent auto accidents with motorists who are not as vigilant about avoiding driving distractions? 

Try these tips to decrease your risk of experiencing a collision involving a distracted driver. 

Know the signs

Understand how to spot a distracted driver. If you are in the next lane, you might notice another motorist texting, eating breakfast or applying makeup behind the wheel. When you are farther away, look for actions like failing to move forward when a red light changes to green, driving too fast or too slow compared to other vehicles on the road, and swerving or drifting in and out of the lane. 

Keep your distance

If you notice another driver engaged in these or other dangerous actions, get as much distance from his or her vehicle as possible. Simply slow down, switch lanes and let the vehicle pass or pull over until the distracted motorist is out of sight. 

Although you may feel the temptation to get the other driver’s attention and point out the hazards of his or her behavior, doing so is unwise as you may become involved in a road rage incident or become distracted yourself. 

Contact authorities

When you witness a driver putting others on the road in danger, call 911 once it is safe for you to do so. Pull onto the shoulder or into a parking lot and report the car’s make, model and license plate as well as estimated location. Law enforcement may attempt to stop the person and take the appropriate actions, such as writing a ticket or taking the driver into custody depending on the situation. 

Defensive driving is at the crux of shielding yourself from distracted motorists. Constantly scan the road so you remain aware of your surroundings, and identify and steer clear of potential hazards. 

If you or someone you love has been injured by a distracted driver, contact the Law Office of George B. Ready to investigate and pursue your case.