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How to avoid driving while distracted

Anything that takes a driver's focus away from the road can be considered a distraction. Ideally, those who are driving in Mississippi or other states will limit the number of passengers that they have in their vehicles. Those who do have passengers should request that they change the radio station or get directions on behalf of the driver while the car is moving. If a driver is tired, a passenger will ideally offer to take control of the vehicle.

Poor car crash test data linked to women's higher risk for injury

Drivers in Mississippi may be surprised to hear that women run a higher risk than men of being seriously hurt or killed in a car crash. Much has been written about this trend since as far back as 2011, and there seem to be at least two reasons behind it.

Study determines what states see most senior car crashes

A study from The Senior List has determined what states have the highest number of car accidents involving drivers aged 65 or older. While Mississippi was neither in the top 10 nor the bottom 10, residents should understand the conclusions made in this study because they touch on a significant trend. Nearly 42 million licensed drivers in the U.S. are seniors, a more than 30% increase from 2009 and a 60% jump from 1999.

Avoid these common reasons behind car accidents

In 2017, 690 people lost their lives in fatal car accidents while driving in Mississippi. Though most traffic collisions are minor, the number of major crashes that result in severe injuries or death continues to increase. Avoiding the most common causes of roadway accidents can help keep everyone safe.

NHTSA estimates slight drop in road deaths in 2018

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there was a 1% decrease in fatal roadway crashes from 2017 to 2018: from 37,133 fatalities to 36,750, to be specific. While it is not a dramatic decrease, it is better than the increase that occurred in 2015. Mississippi residents may remember that that year saw the first spike in fatalities since the 1960s.

Rear-seat passengers could be at risk

In many ways, drivers in Mississippi are more protected from car crashes now than at any time in the past. Built-in safety technologies have been dramatically improved. However, rear-seat passengers may face more risks, especially as most safety innovations are designed to protect the driver and front-seat passenger. There are a number of reasons for these developments, including the fact that the rear seat is inherently safer in some types of collisions.

Car wrecks and demonstrating negligence

Negligence is a term that has a precise definition in legal practice. Knowing something about how negligence works in car accident cases could help Mississippi readers drive more safely or determine whether the other driver in a car wreck was negligent. In order for a determination of negligence by the court, the plaintiff must demonstrate a duty was breached by the defendant and that the breach directly caused the plaintiff's damages.

How technology can reduce traffic fatalities

Getting behind the wheel of an automobile can end in a deadly accident, and in more than 90% of them, human error is to blame. Almost 100 people die every day in traffic-related accidents. The average annual death total from 2016 to 2018 was more than 40,000. Alcohol was a factor in around one-quarter of those fatalities. However, technology could be making the roads safer for people in Mississippi and throughout the country.

Graduation is a good time to discuss dangerous driving risks

Most parents in Mississippi want what's best for their children. In order to achieve this goal, it's sometimes necessary to reinforce the importance of taking proper precautions, especially while driving. A good time to start such conversations is when teens are likely to be behind the wheel more often. For many teens, this comes right after high school graduation when they head off into the real world.

Fatal car crash risk increases even when there's light rain

Motorists in Mississippi and other states are generally aware of the potential risk for car accidents when roads are covered with snow, ice and heavy rain. However, a new study suggests even light rain can increase the odds of being involved in a fatal crash for drivers. According to the results, rain, snow and ice increase the risk of deadly crashes by 34%.


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